Rejoice Ojiaku and Wilhemina Davis on being young and Black in advertising

It’s been a joy following Rejoice and Wilhemina’s individual and collective work in SEO. Earlier in the year, they spoke to Little Black Book about their personal experiences within marketing and how workplaces have done the bare minimum with diversity in advertising.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you face at work from a D&I perspective? 

Wilhemina: Not seeing anyone like myself in my line of work.

Rejoice: My biggest challenge in the workplace generally is racial anxiety when starting a new job. What I mean by that is, I always get this fear around “will there be Black people on my team?” because I get anxious and think “do I have to minimise myself to fit in, so I won’t be labelled?”. That has always been a challenge for me. 

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