Next Level Topic Clusters For SEO with Chima Mmeje

Chima Mmeje spoke with Garrett Sussman on his podcast, Agency Ahead by Traject in February:

Are you so sure your content strategy is up-to-snuff?

There may be gaps. Fortunately, Chima Mmeje has some excellent ways to help you find them and fill them in ways that will help you rank and convert better. 

Chima is the owner of Zenith Copy. She’s worked with clients like Wix, Literal Humans, Remitly, Skillshare, and more. She’s been featured on Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and Hackernoon, as well as in several other publications.

She’ll be the first to warn you that SEO copywriting is not “turning the two Yoast buttons green,” and content strategy is not just coming up with a bunch of blog posts to write.

If you want a content strategy that gets results, Chima is your woman!


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