Joél Leon on the changes we can make for BIPOC in marketing

From August 2020, this episode of Agency Ahead podcast featured Joél Leon, Senior Copywriter for Taylor Strategy, a PR agency based in New York City:

He’s the definition of creativity and empathy. He’s also a performer, an actor, a storyteller, father, and “recovering rapper” (according to his profile). He’s done TED talks. Has been featured on HBO, News Week, BBC News, and Forbes.

He’s also a Black man working in the digital marketing industry, a person who is passionate about telling stories for Black people. Today he joins Garrett on the Agency Ahead podcast to discuss what we should be talking about when it comes to getting more Black voices into the marketing industry.

It’s an oldie but a goodie and Joél’s points are still valid a year on (arguably more than ever).


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