This is Marketers of Colour


Marketers of Colour is a site dedicated to… marketers of colour. As the tagline says, we’re here to promote a more inclusive marketing industry and the site features a host of tools, resources, and commentary for that.

We want to help build and grow communities within marketing that represent people of colour because there are experiences and expertise from around the world that need to be heard.

It’s not just about “amplifying voices”—the voices have been loud and frequent for decades. It’s about hearing directly from people of colour: their struggles, their triumphs, and their learning processes.

That also means platforming marketers who make content that isn’t solely about being marketers of colour.

The site is still a work in progress at the moment but things will change once more content is developed. In the meantime, check the links in the navigation bar above and discover more about marketers of colour and what they do.